Intelligent Biped is a forum for discussing ideas, issues and solutions with a focus on our inherent human characteristics of cleverness and kindness. This forum is called "intelligent biped" because I believe kindness and cleverness to be interdependent at a biological level. Simply put, bipedal animals can't have big brains without fundamental kindness and nurturing. This forum will share and discuss issues, ideas and solutions that use and enhance our inherent cleverness and kindness amongst the chaos of everyday life.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

A new venture


Exciting times!

We're starting a new venture PET Me on 28 September.

Check out our website www.petmeplease.co.nz

Friday, 12 June 2015

Easy-As Sour Dough Starter

The first step to delicious, healthy sour dough bread is the, aptly named, Starter!

After trial and error, here's my formula for your own yeasty, bubbly tub of goodness to fuel your future adventures in sour dough ....


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

"Eating Our 8" (or an alternative to forming the parent plate police!)

There's a thread on neighbourly at the moment with that age old issue of how to manage fusspot kids at the table without everyone going insane!  As a family, we struggled with this when our two hair-shirts were small.  Even now, aged almost-10 and 12 years old, we have our moments!
We got totally sick of being the "plate police" - so we started an "eating your eight" policy. 
Photo:  Our kids are bigger and we are no longer "writing up", but, out of curiosity while writing this post I reproduced how the kids would have done yesterday.
Here's what we did ...

Monday, 25 May 2015

Brilliant Bircher Brekkie!

I love Bircher for breakfast! It's super tasty, super easy, sugar free and nutrient dense.  I like that I do a little prep the night before as in the chaos of our school mornings, my breakfast is sadly well down the list!  This really sets you up for the day!

 Here's how I make mine ...